Na Hoa Holomoku Yacht Club Of Hawaii

Hilo sailing calendar.

Club Sailing Instruction - 1st Sunday of each month
Our training program is geared towards teaching club members how to become independent sailors. We will start with one-on-one training, with a volnteer club member onboard, to teach you the basic skills of rigging, launching, sailing, capsize recovery, returning to the beach, and properly storing the equipment at the end of the day. We will utilize the club's Sunfish for introductory training. Meet at the Bayfront Beach at 11am. Advance signup by e-mail recommended, as space is limited by the number of vounteers we have each week. Watch for e-mail notices each month.
Club Sailing - 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
Club Sailing days are for club members who are competent to sail without instruction. Of course, safety in numbers is great for relative beginers, so this is your day to sail with a group. Meet at the bayfront beach at 11am.
Club Workday - 4th Saturday of each month
The boats take a lot of work to keep them sailing. We'd like you to put in as much time repairing and maintaining them as you do sailing them, so please come to our club workdays. We need to mow the grass each month, pull weeds, and otherwise maintain our beach site. Meet at the bayfront beach at 11am.
Board Meetings - 1st Tuesday of each month
The club Board of Directors meets monthly. Club members welcome at the meetings. We meet Tuesdays at 6:00 Smithsonian 645 N Aohoku pl, Hilo.
Race Days - 2017 plans not complete
Fun racing. You should be able to sail the boat you are racing, but no prior racing experience is needed. We race dinghies, catamarans and big boats. Sometime we all race on the same day, sometime the day is devoted to a specific class of boat. Watch for e-mail notices each month for details of which boats will be racing. Meet at the Bay Front Beach at 11am (or as specifed in the e-mail announcement).
Summer Race Series - 2017 plans not complete
A multi-week series, sailed over several months, for all types of single handed beach launched monohulls (Sunfish, Lasers, Hobie One's, ...). The series winner is awarded the NHH "Champion of the Year" perpetual trophy. See the racing tab for more information.

Sometimes circumstances force us to change from the regular day each month. Check the calendar below for the exact days. Days which are not the regular monthly day are in bold.