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This is a two step process. First fill out and submit your membership application. Afer successful submission, you will be given the option to pay online.

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Family Members are included in all membership levels. Each family will receive one Membership card. Up to six familynames can be added to the reverse side of the Membership card.
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Full-Time Student Individual Membership (half off)

I understand that boating and sailing involve a certain degree of risk, including the potential of injury to persons and property and I understand and acknowledge such risks and hereby voluntarily assume these risks.

I further agree, as a condition of membership, to release, indemnify and forever hold harmless, the Na Hoa Holomoku of Hawaii Yacht Club, its officers, agents, employees and heirs, from any and all liability in connection with my use of anyand all membership privileges, including any injury or damage to my person or property, or injury to the person or property of the guest or family of a Na Hoa Holomoku Yacht Club of Hawaii member. Members agree to follow federal and state rules regarding alcohol use while on club boats.

Please check to confirm acceptance of liability waver & alcohol use policy:

After validation of the membership form, you will be presented with the option to pay your membership dues with Paypal.